10 Polygraph questions you can expect in a polygraph test.

A polygraph test also known as a lie detector test is used to check the validity of polygraph test questions. This technique is used by law enforcement and investigators to detect deception.
A PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH TEST QUESTIONS will indicate modifications or a response to pressure the body is going though when fabricating an answer. These reactions are recorded by the lie detector device and could allow the examiner to recognize which query brought on the pressure response.
There are no surprises during a lie detector test. Every question will be reviewed prior to the polygraph test and the candidate is given the opportunity to ensure that he/she is familiar with each question and the polygraph test instructions.
Below are examples of 10 questions you can expect to be asked when doing a lie detector test:
1. Is your name Jane Doe?
2. Are you 35 years old?
3. Were you born in 1985?
4. Are you aware of a murder that’s been committed? (Relevant Question)
5. Is today Wednesday?
6. Do you live in Cape Town?
7. Do you know who committed the murder? (Relevant Question)
8. Is your cat’s name Suzie?
9. Do you rent a house?
10. Did you commit the murder? (Relevant Question)
As you can see from the questions above, polygraph test questions require a yes or no answer. The interviewer will already know the answer to the questions asked in the lie detector test. Some questions are control questions and some relevant. A few lie detector test questions might be intentionally false to determine both the correct and incorrect answers, for example, a person born in 1985 can not be 35 years of age.
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Tips On Starting A Business Successfully in Cape Town, South Africa


Owning a business in Cape Town is often associated with being rich and powerful. Almost everyone wants to become a businessperson because this also means to be independent and having no boss. However, it has never been easy to become wealthy, and not everyone who starts a business becomes rich. In fact, you can even become poorer and lose everything if you don’t do things right.

There are a huge number of people who became homeless in an attempt to start their own company in Cape Town. It is a very serious matter, and you have to approach it responsibly in order to be successful. But what should you know to do that in the right way? How to start a business in Cape Town without going bankrupt very soon after that?

No matter what kind of business you are going to start in Cape Town, you have to do a lot of calculations first and create a proper business plan. You must be sure that there will be enough demand for your products to make your company profitable. Ask yourself about who is going to buy your stuff and what price you are going to sell it for. You have to also make sure that you are going to have competitive rates and will always be able to reduce them to some extent without going bankrupt.

If you are going to sell your products in Cape Town, it’s essential that you buy special equipment which makes it possible to pay you by credit cards.

When you need to take out a loan, do that only in case the interest rates are low. Never count on the idea that your commercial undertaking will bring you enough money to cover huge debts. Remember that you are just about to start your business career, and there will be a lot of challenges to deal with. For that reason, try to find a lender which can give you a good offer.

When starting your business, you have to make sure it’s advertised properly. There are quite a few ways to do that. You can post your ads in a local newspaper, pay for advertising your company on the radio and/or order a few thousands of leaflets and distribute them.

When it comes to employing people, make sure you are going to hire real professionals. Treat all your workers equally and always respect them. Do not forget that you should pay your people competitive wages in order to keep them in your company. Do your best to keep your employees motivated, and that will definitely pay off very soon.

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