10 Polygraph questions you can expect in a polygraph test.

A polygraph test also known as a lie detector test is used to check the validity of polygraph test questions. This technique is used by law enforcement and investigators to detect deception.
A PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH TEST QUESTIONS will indicate modifications or a response to pressure the body is going though when fabricating an answer. These reactions are recorded by the lie detector device and could allow the examiner to recognize which query brought on the pressure response.
There are no surprises during a lie detector test. Every question will be reviewed prior to the polygraph test and the candidate is given the opportunity to ensure that he/she is familiar with each question and the polygraph test instructions.
Below are examples of 10 questions you can expect to be asked when doing a lie detector test:
1. Is your name Jane Doe?
2. Are you 35 years old?
3. Were you born in 1985?
4. Are you aware of a murder that’s been committed? (Relevant Question)
5. Is today Wednesday?
6. Do you live in Cape Town?
7. Do you know who committed the murder? (Relevant Question)
8. Is your cat’s name Suzie?
9. Do you rent a house?
10. Did you commit the murder? (Relevant Question)
As you can see from the questions above, polygraph test questions require a yes or no answer. The interviewer will already know the answer to the questions asked in the lie detector test. Some questions are control questions and some relevant. A few lie detector test questions might be intentionally false to determine both the correct and incorrect answers, for example, a person born in 1985 can not be 35 years of age.
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